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TWH Sales & Associates can be contracted to assist you with some of the following needs...

  • Merchandising -  This service will include store visits, market reports, pos placement, sample delivery, competitive information and store pictures.

  • Mini Briefs - Contract us to go in and provide education on your product features and benefits to store personnel.

  • Market Blitzes - Allow our team to flood the market with your point of purchase materials, samples, t- shirts and etc.

  • Sales - We will represent your company as your manufacturer sales agent calling on existing and scouting for new customers.

  • Promotions - Allow us to support your brand at consumer and professional events.

  • Distribution Checks - The TWH team will check your national or regional distribution status in various retail outlets.  Are your products where they should be on shelf?  Let us report our findings to you to ensure you have effective distribution on your brand.

Contact us today to customize the services we provide for your particular sales and merchandising needs!

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