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TWH  Sales & Associates Inc. was established September 1992 by Tanya Y. Hines. The company is located in Southfield, MI. We have been a leading sales organization specializing in the urban markets for the health and beauty care industry for 25 years. TWH is proud of its average 23 year retention rate with the clients that we service.  We have won many awards that include Broker of the Year, 110% Sales Quota Club, 100% Sales Quota Club, Spirit Award, Half Million Dollar Club, Quarter Million Dollar Club, Best Vendor Representative and #1 New Item Sales Awards!  We undertake long term sales and merchandising assignments as well as short term assignments.  We provide the sales and merchandising assistance you need to get your brands to the end user, your customer base. We have a team of dedicated sales merchandisers throughout the US. 

 TWH Sales & Associates Inc. vision is to continue to be the leading sales and merchandising company in the health and beauty care industry assisting manufactures, distributors, retail chains and independent stores with their sales, merchandising and marketing needs.  We want to be the missing link you need to help get your product visible and selling!


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